Chaos accelerates Innovation

The current Covid-19 outbreak pushes companies and their managements to the limits and forces them to react unconventionally. This pressure can trigger an innovation-process.

Catastrophic events in the past have led to many innovative ideas. The platform “Meetup” for example was founded by Scott Heiferman after the events of 9/11, which connects people with similar interests.

After the severe earthquake 2015 in Nepal, Facebook introduced the “I’m safe” feature which since then evolved into a global newsfeed for catastrophes.

In our recent blog posts we have mentioned many more innovative ideas and solutions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Even in a short period of time lots of people and companies have been coming up with innovations that help people in affected areas, fighting the virus itself or even transformed their business models in no time to adapt to the changed circumstances. This shows that forced experimentation can bring about change for the better. It can challenge us to seek solutions and develop workarounds we most likely would not find under normal circumstances.

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