You are what you eat – aren’t you?

The impact of our diet is more important that many of us think. An insufficient diet does not only cause weight extremes, it can also lead to many diseases, including different types of cancer, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and many more. Recent studies have shown that certain dietary interventions may be more effective than drug treatments. Obesity, for example, is a classic example.

Increased health consciousness results in a growing popularity of food supplements, functional foods, superfoods and personalized diet plans. This trend goes beyond cutting out processed, fried or sugary foods. By making smart data-driven food choices, we can stay healthier and decrease many health-related risks.

Superfoods as avocado, spirulina or chia seeds aren’t perceived as something exotic anymore, but we have found something way more unusual and groundbreaking – personalized food passports. This concept comes from Dr. Kirill Veselkov from the Imperial College of London and the team of computer scientists, medical researchers, health economists and Michelin-star chefs. What if we can use the huge amounts of data available to match our genetic profiles with the way we perceive food and ultimately develop tailor-made meals that also improve our health?

Join is next week at the Future of Food to learn more about this trend from Dr. Veselkov.


Written by Olga Bratsun & Aleksandra Kirpenko 

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