No more face to face meetings in 2021?
Let's optimize your virtual collaboration!

Virtual Meeting
Whether ideation workshops, corporate meetings, conferences or even inspirational tours, everything can be transferred into virtual formats. Let’s work on virtual meetings that are:
  •  Highly efficient
  •  Creative & Inspiring
  •  Experiential & Fun
  •  Output-oriented


With the right set-up we can transform your virtual meeting into a real experience.
  • Videoconferencing tools have evolved dramatically and offer a lot of new features to enhance your meeting & engage your team.
  • Let’s select the most suitable combination of visually appealing & highly usable tools for your ultimate workshop adventure.
Virtual Meeting Setting


To keep the team’s presence & focus, professional facilitation is essential, especially in the virtual space.

  • Our methods help you & your team work efficiently and maximize the output of your online meeting
  • Work smarter, not harder!
Virtual Meeting Methods

Branding & Design

Online, visual elements are a must-have to engage participants emotionally, A slogan & key visual translate your meeting topic into a compelling story.
  • A special look & feel will take your meeting to a different level and create buzz & excitement that will boost participants’ involvement.
  • Fun design elements are a great tool to make your team curious & engaged!
Virtual Meetings Branding & Design

Teambuilding & Fun 

If it has to be virtual, it doesn’t mean it cannot be fun!
  • Team members need to connect & relate to each other. Let us curate a variety of inspiring activities to surprise your team.
  • Get off your chair, prepare a drink or sing.
    Most importantly: connect & enjoy
Virtual Meeting Teambuilding & Fun


The online setting helps to democratize inspiration 
  • Whether it is a live streamed key-note, an inspiring video or an expert discussion, you can rely on us to provide you with relevant new impulses & perspectives.
  • Use the chance to inspire an even broader audience
Virtual Meeting Inspiration

Planning & Agenda Setting 

A good virtual meeting is balanced and very well-planned. Rules are needed.

  • Tired participants are not going to give you the input you need. Boost their energy levels with energizers & breaks.
  • Time off-screen is essential. Keep it short & efficient rather than long & tiresome!
Virtual Meeting Planning & Agenda Setting


A well-planned & well-executed meeting is important. But the essential part is yet to come.
  • The output is what you’re after when organizing any meeting.
  • Usable & well documented results are crucial and make your follow-up work easier.
Virtual Meeting Documentation

Physical Components 

Not every aspect of virtual meeting needs to be virtual . For an extra dose of fun & excitement, add a Meeting Box.

  • Goodies & different physical elements shipped to the participants will set the mood and increase their motivation & efficiency.
  • Get appreciation points through your thoughtfulness!
Virtual Meeting Physical Components

Let’s face it, virtual interactions are here to stay and will influence the way teams collaborate.
Let’s shape the new way of working together!

Is your business strategy fit for the NEW NORMAL?