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We love Berlin and usually visit this wonderful city at least twice year. Below are some of the highlights from our most recent trip.


“TheDive is an idea. TheDive is a corporation. TheDive is part of a community.” This is how TheDivepresents itself on its homepage. We had a chance to meet a co-founder Dr. Simon Berkler and learn more about the corporation including Base1. Besides an informative meeting, we discovered new tools that we would love to implement in our office.

Make sure to check out their magazine “Neue Narrative”. It is a one of a kind magazine about new ways of working. Each issue is dedicated to one topic that is analysed from a variety of perspectives. The first issue about power explores not only the definition of the concept itself, but also provides real life examples and insights into gender issues.

Gloria and Verena at the Dive 🙂

Red lab

Young and dynamic – that is the team behind the Red lab. We were invited to their divine working space in Berlin and used this opportunity to explore the facility and the various trendy products displayed.

A sneak peak into the beautiful office of Red lab.

Mr. Susan

Mr. Susan is our new favourite cocktail bar in Berlin Mitte. It has everything we love: delicious cocktails, beautiful design, inspiring atmosphere and of course, friendly service. The owner Susan Choi took care of every little detail and as a result, the bar fully reflects her personality. You have to check Mr. Susan not only to try innovative unexpected flavour combinations but also to see the wallpaper in the back 😉 They also have themed evenings like California Dreamin’ or Mezcal & Tequila Night from time to time. Cheers!

Mr. Susan’s design is one of the many reasons to visit this bar. Picture from berlindrinks.net

Written by Gloria Fachinger and Olga Bratsun

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