Vienna Design Week 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, business trips around the world were cancelled, leaving us trapped either working from home or in the office. In order to bring variety into our daily work and strengthen the team spirit, we decided to do a teambuilding event every month. Therefore, on October 1st, our team visited the Vienna Design Week 2020, to gather and trigger some innovations and ideas together.

Although, the focus of this year’s Design Week lay on the 12th district Meidling, where also the headquarter of the event was based at, the Festival also included various workshops and exhibitions across the city of Vienna. We visited the exhibitions in the headquarter and at the spin-off location called “Solarium” just around the corner.

The exhibits included beautifully designed ordinary objects, new design approaches for tools and smart gadgets as well as artworks that want to raise awareness about contemporary topics such as: urban food & design, aircraft traffic, the effects of the pandemic on the psyche, innovative and cheaper prosthetic solutions for patients in developing countries, gender and new ways of virtual experiences and engagements. Most of the displayed artworks were created by local artists as well as partners from Switzerland, since it was this year’s partner country.

You can have a glance at some of the exhibits below:

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