Home workouts are booming because of the COVID-19 outbreak

Since many schools, universities and offices are closed right now, home office and distance learning are the ways to go. But how can we workout when the gyms are closed too?

Most of us are not used to staying at home all the time. Since many countries took measures such as lockdowns to fight against coronavirus, millions of people are in their homes all the time, either participating in online classes, working in home office or binge watching on their favorite streaming provider. Going to the gym or participating in other sportive courses unfortunately is not possible right now.

Therefore, many fitness influencers, yoga instructors or even sport clothing retailers such as Perfect Moment are offering video courses and workouts for people in lockdown. Such innovative and quick adaptions to rather difficult times are not only helping firms to survive but also people to stay fit and healthy.

If you are interested in home workouts and other courses for at home, here are some example we want to share with you:

Home workouts:

Sascha Huber (German) for free

Paulina Wallner (German) for free

Fraser Wilson (English) for free

Perfect Moment (English) for free


Bahayogi (English) for free  

Bikram Yoga (German)

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