How well is Home Office working for you?

London Business School is currently researching about home office since the Corona pandemic forces a vast majority of employees to work from home.

First experiences what people really think of remote work is only revealed by experience after a few weeks of practice. When asked which of several statements best describes their experience with virtual work, the 3000 participants of an online course answered:

  • 2%: “I find the technology frustrating”.
  • 10%: “I am always distracted by my family”.
  • 15%: “Gives me time to really think and concentrate”
  • 25 %: “I love autonomy and flexibility”
  • 46 %: “It works well – but I miss the social interaction in the office”.

According to Linda Gratton, Professor of Management at London Business School, the following factors contribute to successful virtual work:

  • Technique: Stay intuitive and open for experiments.
  • Social needs: Reinvent your home office and make it human.
  • Work rhythm: Establish a daily ritual and focus on the essentials.

Source: Management at London Business School

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