A Glance Forward – The World after Coronavirus Part 2: Working after the Crisis

Corona Economy

How will the near future look like? In how far will the Covid-19 pandemic affect our ways of living, working and interacting? In our blog-series “A Glance Forward – The World After Coronavirus” we will deal with possible consequences and opportunities that may appear in the future. In this second post, we want to provide an overview how working and cooperate culture might change due to the pandemic.

Strategy Re-Framing

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin Covid-19 isn’t only a threat for our health, it’s also impacting every business. Now is the time to quickly discover short-term opportunities, radically prioritize and adjust your strategic focus. Our solution:Strategy Re-Framing Sprint Identify challenges and … Read more Strategy Re-Framing

Technology Start-ups: Women on the rise

The pioneer festival 2019 in retrospect

Female workforce and Gender diversity both remain a current topical issues. It is common sense that a heterogenous composition leads to good performance. Gender-diverse companies have higher returns, are more creative and innovative. However, men still rule most industries, especially the technology one. 

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