Meet the 1030 team

Different perspectives spark innovation

The Visionary

Verena Kuen

Verena Kuen is the founder of 1030 Innovation. After 15 years as an executive in big corporations she decided to make her passion her profession and initiated an Innovation Program with her last employer Bayer Pharma AG which was one-of-a-kind within the whole organization and produced an impressive track record of innovation success stories. Verena is a manager by training and a trend-spotter by heart; she holds an MBA and speaks 5 languages.

She is a world-traveler and enjoys working in diverse cultural environments. She is a people-person with an infectious enthusiasm who genuinely loves her job. Besides running her own business she teaches innovation methodologies with the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at University of Economics in Vienna, Austria and design thinking at Columbia University, NYC. Verena loves Bikram Yoga and spending time with her family. She is a passionate cook and foodie.

Jakob Grausenburger
Business Designer

Jakob Grausenburger is specialized in Innovative Business Design. He holds a degree in Management by Design and has led a variety of Product, Businesss Model and Service Design projects in different categories, such as Personalized Retail, Healthcare & Patient Services as well as Professional Matchmaking, before joining our team. His professional strengths lie in strategy & technology application as well as creative development and visualization. As an agile coach, he supports our clients in end-to-end solution development with hands-on input and professional facilitation. His talent in arts and crafts is a great asset for rapid prototyping as well as the visualization of complex content.

In his leisure time, he pursues his great passion for music as a DJ and enjoys exploring nature on his mountain bike. He never leaves the house without his camera, always on the hunt for new motives capturing special moments & experiences.

The Creative

The Techie

Alena Mohsenyar
Digital Expert

Alena is our digitalisation expert. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a graduate degree in Socio-Ecological Economies and Policy, and therefore provides a wide array of valuable perspectives for our clients. She easily builds connections between people and is trained to explore complex topics & real costumer needs and therewith develop feasible digitalisation strategies. Alena deeply cares about social injustices, has worked with several non-profits, and is always down for frank discussions on how to solve pressing global issues.

After having lived in a bunch of different countries, she now enjoys living in the most livable city of the world. Alena pursues sporty hobbies like Judo since her early childhood, and additionally likes playing soccer with friends. She never says no to a refreshing swim in the Danube.

Ana-Maria Salcu
Customer Engagement Specialist

Ana-Maria Salcu is Customer Engagement Specialist at 1030 Innovation. The born and raised Romanian has a background in socio-cultural anthropology & international development and has majored in fine arts. Ana has worked in a variety of social organizations before joining the 1030 team. Ana’s professional interest lies in the design of customer interactions across the innovation process in order to draw hands-on insights and iterate prototypes into compelling solutions. Always on the hunt for the latest methods and tools, she has contributed big time to the 1030 toolbox. In addition, she loves to visualize complex content with compelling designs and illustrations.

Deeply passionate about books, Ana loves to read both for work and outside of it. Other favorite pastime activities besides reading are traveling, drawing, and spending time with family and friends.

The Empathic

The Ecologist

Moritz Blei
Sustainability Innovation Specialist

Moritz Blei is Innovation Strategist & Facilitator at 1030 Innovation. He holds a degree in economics specializing in sustainable business. Moritz has worked in a variety of NGOs before joining our team, where he was responsible for strategy & campaign development as well as public relations. His passion for sustainable entrepreneurship and his strong strategic background are very valuable assets for innovative solution development projects. 

Moritz is an inspiring instigator opening the eyes of our clients for cutting edge new opportunities, facilitating their translation into sustainable business-models.

Outside of work, he engages in environmental activism, enjoys spending time outdoors playing football or strolling through nature.

Lea Kobler
Innovation Strategist & Facilitator

Lea Kobler is innovation strategy consultant at 1030 Innovation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Social- and Cultural Anthropology.
Lea is a creative mind with an explorer spirit, combined with hands-on analytical skills and strategic thinking. Her career path led her from the art scene all the way to Deloitte Consulting, before she joined our team. Her professional interests lie in creating an innovation friendly culture and the curation of the innovation process, always with a strong focus on delivering results.
With a social science background and ethnographic skills, she brings the perfect qualifications to curate the development of innovative and custom-fit solutions based on clients’ needs, while putting people and their needs radically at the center.
As a strong design thinking advocate, she engages all stakeholders and spreads an infectious enthusiasm which is highly appreciated by our clients. Besides creating change through innovation, Lea’s biggest passions are classical ballet, good food and travelling.

The Explorer

The Entrepreneur

Cornelia Auer
Senior Advisor

Cornelia is an energetic leader and an expert in growing businesses. With a strong legal and finance-background, she is the perfect partner to draw the big picture and to connect people and businesses. She held C-level positions in corporations in the Finance, Healthcare and Real Estate sector and has profound knowledge about the different needs and mindsets in large corporations and Startups. As a mentor, she coaches young entrepreneurs and is well connected in the Start-up scene with a constantly growing network. At 1030 Innovation, her focus lies on Corporate Intrapreneurship as well as Start-up Incubation and acceleration.
Also in her free time she likes changing the perspective and getting upside down in an aerobatic aeroplane. She is a family person and mountain enthusiast on her bike or on skis.

Kathleen Onieal
Senior Advisor

The former VP of Global Marketing Innovation at both Merck and Novartis, acts a s a senior advisor for 1030 Innovation. She created the first Digital Marketing team that served as an industry model of organizational design and infrastructure and innovative best practices. At Johnson and Johnson she was the creator and lead of which was the first virtual cross company digital initiative and won the prestigious Chairman’s award for Innovation. Kathleen offers her expertise in creating innovation cultures within corporations.

She is skilled in the art of influencing and selling ideas across a complex organization. Through her own corporate experiences she has a deep understanding of the discipline of innovation Management including the latest methodologies such as design thinking and the growing importance of analytics and ROI measurement in the Innovation process. Kathleen is based in NYC, she is a family person with a great passion for interior design.

The Connector

The Changemaker

Lee Miller
Senior Advisor

Lee Miller supports the 1030 Innovation team as a senior advisor. He is a Harvard Law graduate and an industry leader in the field of influencing and negotiating, focusing on influencing for innovation. As a trainer and executive coach, Lee is an expert partner for executives providing the necessary support for successful innovation. Lee serves a s an adjunct professor at both Seton Hall and Columbia University teaching graduate courses in leadership, influencing and negotiation.

Lee is the author of “UP: Influence Power and the U-perspective”, “The art of getting what you want” and “Getting people to believe in something they can’t yet imagine” (published in Harvard Business Review online). Lee is based in NYC, he loves spending time at the seaside and is a Yoga-enthusiast.

A Global Network
of top-tier partners

Innovation is a very broad field and every project is different. Especially when it comes to execution, we bring in partners with a very specific skillset in the required areas. We have built a strong network over the past 12 years covering all major aspects of innovation-developments across the 10 types of innovation, such as art directors and designers, start-ups, developers, etc. We foster long-term business relationships with our partners and thus, we can easily form tailored teams around the specific needs of our clients. Our partners are spread out around the globe and we successfully practice virtual collaboration for years, not only since Covid-19.

The Makers