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Disrupt Today.
Thrive Tomorrow.

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Success Stories

Astrid Schober

Verena and her team are bursting with ideas. Innovation 1030 Partners succeeded in developing a shared vision for IT very efficiently and quickly and anchoring the change story in the company in the long term through targeted communication measures.

Wien Energie

Heike Prinz

The 1030 team is dynamic, forward thinking, and creative which stimulates our thinking. Their expertise has also been very helpful in mobilizing our teams when it comes to unlocking new opportunities, both internally and in the external marketplace.

Member of the Board of Management
Bayer AG

Brenda Lando Fridman

Participating in 1030 Innovation workshops was a tremendous growing experience for me.

Head of SMB Scaled Sales
Google US

Lillian NG

The 1030 Innovation team truly understands my needs. Everyone goes the extra mile and consistently delivers with excellence. Their work is creative, high quality and comes directly from the hearts.

Patient Solutions Excellence Head
Takeda Global

Philipp Strolz

Very creative, impactful and absolutely customized to our needs. No matter what challenge, they always have the right methods and tools at hand.

VP Global Marketing IT Division

Ingrid Drechsel

The 1030 Innovation team listens actively, grasps the point, the situation or the issue. To work with them is inspiring, motivating and refreshing.

Bayer Korea

Theresa Kollnig

The 1030 team supported us professionally and with full commitment. The support ranges from methodological input to coaching and prototyping support. The team provided us with innovative resources, were very flexible and quickly adapted to our needs.

Strategic HR Management
SVS Austria
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