Today’s economy depends on innovation and every company needs a strong partner in this area.

What we do

1030 Innovation is one of the leading innovation consulting firms in Austria, operating globally. We can help you with the development of innovative solutions as well as with the set-up of an innovation-friendly environment in your organization.

To successfully innovate, 4 areas are of major importance. We work with you on the development of a holistic innovation strategy tailored to your needs as well as its implementation.







Innovation Management requires a new set of skills. Training and coaching are an integral part of any innovation program.

Innovation Strategy

Test &



4 steps to make innovation happen

Roll-out &






If you have a specific challenge you want to work on, we support you across the whole innovation process, from identification of new opportunities until the roll-out of your new solution.

Solution Development




We work globally


A snapshot of our worldwide activities

We work across industries


Navigating between sectors enables us to broaden your horizons with inspiration from completely different areas.

We go the extra mile


Your success is our success.

Brenda Lando, Google

"Participating in 1030 Innovation workshops was a tremendous growing experience for me."

Philipp Strolz, T-Systems

"Very creative, impactful and absolutely customized to our needs. No matter what challenge, they always have the right methods and tools at hand."

Andre Eckert, Russ Media

"The Innovation Bootcamp helped me see my company through a different lens."

Ingrid Drechsel, Bayer AG

"The 1030 Innovation team listens actively, grasps the point, the situation or the issue. To work with them is inspiring, motivating and refreshing."

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