What we do

Innovation Factory.

Is your product and service portfolio innovative enough? Do you want to explore new opportunities and ensure you leverage your full potential? Let’s screen your possibilities and develop new futureproof product and service ideas, test, and pilot them to secure your future success.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.
  Let’s explore high potential innovation areas for your company in a structured workshop setting. Preceded by proper preparation, we will look at trends, your target audiences, and competitors as well as market dynamics to identify the most promising innovation opportunities.
For the development of innovative products and services, you need to deeply understand what drives your customers.   
As Design Thinking experts, we help you explore the customer perspective to identify major issues that need solving. Building your new product and service developments on your customers‚Äė needs and pain points will create maximum value for your customers and your business.

What you will get:
Explorative Research
Data Analytics & Technological Enhancement
Insights Development
Insights Evaluation

In a variety of engaging formats, we help you develop cutting edge ideas to solve your customers problems.
  1030 Innovation takes Ideation to a completely new level by using unique methods and techniques, targeted inspiration as well as surprising elements to maximise the output of your Ideation session.

What you will get:
  Co-Creation panel recruitment
Ideation sessions in extraordinary settings (live & virtual)
Inspirational facilitation
Asynchronous alternative ideation formats
Idea evaluation and conceptualization
To make your ideas tangible you need to quickly turn them into early models.
There are numerous ways to build prototypes depending on the nature of your ideas and the market you are operating in. With a prototype at hand, you can start collecting valuable customer feedback. In several sprints we help you iterate and improve your idea until it’s ready to be launched.
Rolling out innovative, cutting-edge solutions is not always easy.
  Small-scale pilots can help you assess your solution in a real life setting and to further improve it before launching it broadly. 1030 Innovation is your strong partner when it comes to executing, piloting, and launching your innovations.
Once a product or service innovation is launched, it’s a good time to look back and reflect.
  The After Action Review is a systematic method to efficiently capture all learnings across the whole innovation development journey. 1030 Innovation guides you through the After-Action Review process and helps you leverage your learnings in future innovation development projects.