What we do

The Big Picture.

Does your overall strategy give a clear direction? Is your business model future fit? Are you resilient to change?

A clear long-term direction is an important prerequisite for your any innovation effort.
  Do you have a defined vision which is well understood by everyone in your organisation? Especially in a volatile and agile environment, the vision is the only clear orientation point. We can help build a framework including a clear vision and strategic implications.

What will you get:
Employee Survey
Interviews with the Leadership Team
Workshop Session
Vision Outline and Visualization
In a changing environment, planning for the future is getting increasingly harder.
We can help you identify uncertainties and develop different scenarios to prepare for.

What you will get:
Trend Scan & Data Analysis
Scenario Conceptualization
Scenario Visualisation
Implications for your Future Business Model

Boost your resilience through an agile approach to strategy.   
Following our Agile Strategy Playbook, we guide you to become more adaptive to change while following a long-term strategic vision.

What you will get:
  360° strategy pulse-check
  Agile strategy design
Agile strategy roadmap
Make your strategy more tangible through crisp visualization.
The successful roll-out of a strategy depends on a common understanding of all stakeholders. A to-the-point visualization reduces complexity and fosters a quick understanding of any strategy.

What you will get:
Infographics Videos & animations
Compelling presentation design
In the post-pandemic environment, New Ways of Working are one of the most burning issues.
We can help you get an overview of major trends and give you guidance on how to leverage them in your company. The changing working environment is a great opportunity to embed a stronger focus on innovation.

What will you get:
Trend Scan
New Work Radar
Opportunity Mapping
Action Plan & Execution
Is your business model future fit? Do trends give early signs affecting your business in the future?  
Let’s do a pressure test of your current business model and identify gaps and weaknesses as well as untapped opportunities. We guide you on the journey to a future-oriented business model exploiting your full potential.

What you will get:
Trend Scan
Business Model War Game
Business Model Re-Design