What we do

Your Innoverse.

How innovative is your company? What can you do to strengthen your innovative power? Do you have an innovation process in place? What do you need to start your own innovation program?

How innovative is your company?
A validated survey of 48 questions helps you identify opportunities and barriers for innovation within your organisation. In a workshop setting, we will analyze the survey results together with you to derive major implications for your own innovation program.
Leaders have an important role when it comes to encouraging innovation.
  In a coaching session with your leadership team, we will define major aspects leaders must bear in mind when it comes to corporate innovation. Leaders need to give clear guidance on goals, expectations and incentivization. They also have to provide psychological safety as well as time to experiment, an inspiring work environment and possibilities to learn. The result will be an action plan for the leadership team on how to best enable innovation in your company.
We support you with the design and the implementation of your corporate innovation program.
   Building on your expectations, we will co-create the program in a curated workshop setting where we provide a deep dive into major program components and a variety of tangible examples. The result is a hands-on roadmap for your innovation initiative. Additionally, we are happy support the execution of your program.

What you will get:
Program outline
Innovation process
Activity plan & roadmap
Resources & budget
Execution support

Innovation management comes with its own set of tools and methods.
Learn how to apply them in your own company environment. 1030 Innovation has vast experience in academic and corporate training and offers a variety of bootcamps:

Design Thinking
Scrum and Design Sprints
Business Model Design
Scenario Planning
Innovation Management Sneak-Peek 
Inspiration is an important factor for innovation.  
Regular targeted impulses stimulate the creative thinking of employees and innovation teams resulting in new ideas and concepts. 1030 Innovation has a structured approach to inspiration and has vast experience with different formats to trigger your creativity.

What will you get:
Interactive inspiration sessions
Trend Scans
Innovation Events
Inspiration Journeys (virtual & live)
If you want to strengthen innovation as a strategic topic, communication is essentially important.  
Innovation communication is not only about making employees aware, but also about interacting and building a community. 1030 innovation is an expert in contemporary engagement which excites and motivates at the same time. Let’s turn your staff into innovation enthusiasts, together.

What you will get:
Cutting edge communication concept and roadmap
Activity plan and realization in high-quality design
Data-driven engagement