Destinations: Brussels

Another city we visited this year is Brussels. We hope a few highlights below will inspire you to go there as well!

ADAM – Art & Design Atomium Museum 

We started our tour with the permanent exhibition called Plasticarium and were amazed by the collection consisting of about 2000 plastic pieces. They ranged from jewelry and home appliances from the 20th century to science-fiction-inspired chairs and tables. 

Incredible plastic collection at ADAM

A temporary exhibition Designing the Night offered us the possibility to dive into the design of the Belgian nightlife between 1980s and 1990s. The club culture was booming at that time and various print materials brought a great inspiration.

The museum visit was concluded with the exhibition Spaces. Interior Design Evolution. It was incredible to see how interior design changes to reflect social and technological advances. Not to mention that we were quite happy to notice significant progress that have been made towards gender equality, at least in the Western world.

Cover of an interior design magazine from 1946.

Magritte Museum

The second museum we visited (yes, we like museums) was the Magritte Museum. The museum has the biggest collection of works by the Belgian surrealist artist RenĂ© Magritte. Here, we learned about the artist’s life and sources of inspiration, saw the works from less known periods and discovered French surrealism and the graphic design of the first quarter of the 20th century.

Verena fits perfectly into the exhibition.

Beer, fries and Le Marmiton

You cannot fully understand the culture of a country until you tried the local cuisine. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to indulge in a big portion of Belgian fries topped with mayo and ketchup followed by delicious beer.  The highlight was however, the restaurant called Le Marmiton, located right in the old town. Seafood was the word of the day and we finished our Belgian adventure with a portion of mussels and a platter of fresh oysters, shrimps and scallops. Yummy!

Ana and Olga excited about fries!

Written by Ana Salcu and Olga Bratsun