December Book: Tim Brown ‘Change by Design’

For the end of the year, we have prepared a post about a very special book. ‘Change by Design’ by Tim Brown was my first read of Ana when it came to the broad subject of design thinking. This book is not new but it has never lost its relevance. 

If you think of innovation as something that suddenly just springs into existence and is already fine-tuned and perfected for the end user, ‘Change by Design’ will prove you wrong. Tim Brown writes about design thinking, a process of combining designer skills with a technical feasibility to develop an innovative product or service that addresses customer needs.

The entire process is based on one concept: human centricity. User needs represent the ultimate focus of any product or service created. Leaders who wish to inspire their teams and get inspiration for themselves should refer to this book for techniques and ways to be more consumer-centric in their daily work. 

Design thinking goes far beyond making a product look sleek or launching a product that will reach your sales targets. It represents the process of developing products or services with the future of the entire company in mind. It is about enabling sustainable growth with the help of the new product. 

What is even better, design thinking can be applied to absolutely everything, from a guest’s experience in a hotel to launching high-tech devices and city planning. Are you excited to read the book now?

Written by Ana-Maria Salcu