F stands for the Future of Food – and Fish on Fridays

Together with Aussenwirtschaft Austria we are excited to present you the Future of Food event that will take place in Vienna on 30.09.

In advance of the event, we decided to launch a series of posts about trendy food innovations.

Before we talk about future, let’s start off with traditions – because once upon a time they were indeed a trend that then established itself. Looking at traditions helps to understand former trends and how they were implemented successfully.

The meaning and importance of Fish Fridays is deeply rooted in the Christian religion. The Christian symbol of a fish was often drawn onto doors to signalize that a Christian lives there. Moreover, Fridays represented Good Friday and Catholics did not eat read meat on that day to mark the day of Christ’s death. Eating fish was permitted and it has become a tradition.

Today, we hear a lot about the benefits of including fish in our diets. However, many follow the tradition of eating Fish on Fridays due to their religion or simply because their parents taught them to do so.

Let us know in the comments whether you follow this tradition or not.

Written by Gloria Fachinger.


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