Mishela Dimova

Mishela Dimova‚Äôs role as a project designer is to translate our projects into visuals. Her Business Administration studies took her from Sofia, Bulgaria to a whole new life in Vienna. At 1030 Innovation, she connects her design and illustration skills with her commercial background. As a designer, Mishela has worked on a variety projects in different design fields, including brand identity design, logo, layout and book design, UX/UI design and digital illustration. Now, on the 1030 team, she discovered the power of design in a new context, the area of Business Innovation. Mishela‚Äôs unique skill is to produce visuals that do not only look beautiful but help to grasp complex issues within a very short time. When she‚Äôs not working on a project, Mishela could be found doing absolutely anything ‚Äď from baking to sewing to simply reading or watching a movie. She loves astronomy, traveling and cats.