November Book: Daniel H. Pink, ‘Drive’

Have your ever wondered why you somehow never manage to keep up with a fitness routine no matter how many new year’s resolutions you plan? Why your job or projects don’t excite you even though technically you would have multiple reasons to like it? Have you, as a manager, wondered how you can create a good team and what you can do to motivate your employees the right way? 

If you have, then we recommend you to read ‘Drive’ by Daniel Pink. This book is easy to follow and understand book, and it rewards you with very refreshing new insights. You will definitely have a couple of ‘Aha!’ moments while reading it. Pink starts his book with explaining the differences between what he calls “extrinsic” and “intrinsic” motivation (and how important this differentiation is!), and then goes deeper into the concepts of the Type X and Type I behaviors. 

He also talks about the main motivational system our society and businesses have been built upon in the last 150 years as well as Motivation 2.0, and the reasons why this system does not work anymore and needs to be replaced with Motivation 3.0. You will learn why the ‘we’-companies grow and succeed in the long run, while ‘they’-companies might grow at first but eventually fail miserably. 

Have fun reading this book!

Written by Ana-Maria Salcu