Transparent photovoltaic windows

Ubiquitous Energy aims to convert most of our glass surfaces into energy producing solar panels. Their special coating absorbs ultraviolet and infrared light while transmitting visible light and letting it pass through. With 40 to 80% transparency these windows match the look and view through standard windows. Thus, the future applications are endless: The coating could be applied to consumer electronics, transportation vehicles and even greenhouses made of glas. Although such panels only produce 50% of the power of rooftop solar, they are a great addition on our way to a greener, zero-emission future. Just imagine a city like New York, where all the windows of its big skyscrapers produce energy. The developers “do not see their product product as a replacement for rooftop solar, but rather as a complement.” A win-win.

Learn more about Ubiquitous and visit their website.

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