1030 Panel Discussion: Innovation Afterhour // Welcome to the Metaverse!

Last week at weXelerate, we had the opportunity to lead a panel discussion with a variety of top experts about new business opportunities in the Metaverse.🚀🧠 What was the panel about? The keynote speakers gave the audience insights into new metaverse realities and focused on the possibilities and watchouts of the following areas: ownership and investment social … Read more 1030 Panel Discussion: Innovation Afterhour // Welcome to the Metaverse!

3 Kreativitäts-Methoden für innovative Lösungen

Creativity is proven to be a key success factor in our business world. Only through creative thinking we can develop innovative products and figure out new business opportunities.  Therefor every company should aim to encourage creative thinking along their employees. Here’s the good message: creativity is a skill, not a talent. And thus, can be … Read more 3 Kreativitäts-Methoden für innovative Lösungen

Circular economy: sewage to fuel

💡INNOVATION NEWS💡On our way to a circular economy we need to consider solutions for every area. The Parcific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has developed a process to transform sewage into fuel! How cool is that?! Literally turning S**t into a useful energy source.😎 US-citizens alone flush over 130 billion litres of sewage every year. Stay innovative!💡

Bacteria against climate change

Bacteria turn CO2 into valuable chemicals. Lanzatech partnered with researchers led by the Northwestern University to further optimize their “super-bacterium”.🧑‍🔬This bacterium can convert waste gases into usable chemicals like acetone or isopropanol and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 160% compared to conventional processes. “Someday everything we use in our daily lives will … Read more Bacteria against climate change

Intrapreneurship: Das bringt es deinem Unternehmen und so kannst du es fördern

Intrapreneurship is one of the most important success factors for companies. It promotes productivity, increases employee loyalty and leads to new, innovative solutions. Apple, Microsoft and many other of the world’s most innovative companies have long recognized this and launched their own intrapreneurship programs. They know about the creative potential of their employees and give them … Read more Intrapreneurship: Das bringt es deinem Unternehmen und so kannst du es fördern

Transparent photovoltaic windows

Ubiquitous Energy aims to convert most of our glass surfaces into energy producing solar panels. Their special coating absorbs ultraviolet and infrared light while transmitting visible light and letting it pass through. With 40 to 80% transparency these windows match the look and view through standard windows. Thus, the future applications are endless: The coating … Read more Transparent photovoltaic windows