In this month’s “Start-Up Made In Austria” we want to introduce the innovative Viennese company “Robo Wunderkind”. One might know them from the Austrian TV-show “2 Minuten, 2 Millionen” or have found them on Kickstarter in the past. Their goal is to teach new technology and coding to young children through playing.

Start-ups made in Austria: SzeleSTIM

The opioid crisis is a global problem and many countries see the rise in opioid consumption for the treatment of pain.

We met with Stefan Kampusch, the COO of SzeleSTIM, to talk about their startup.By the way, SzeleSTIM won Pioneers’18 and we understand why! The startup develops a wearable device to provide a minimal-invasive, non-pharmacological, and sustainable therapy for acute and chronic pain patients. Worn on the ear and built to stimulate the vagus nerve with a pattern tailored to each patient, the potential impact of the product for the millions of chronic pain sufferers is hard to overestimate. 

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