Social Innovation: S-Market fights food waste

About a third of all food produced globally is wasted every year1 reaching the annual value of $ 1 trillion. 2 If food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases, causing 8 – 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.3 While 800 million people go to bed hungry every night, each of them could be sufficiently fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the USA, UK and Europe each year. 4

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You are what you eat – aren’t you?

The impact of our diet is more important that many of us think. An insufficient diet does not only cause weight extremes, it can also lead to many diseases, including different types of cancer, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and many more. Recent studies have shown that certain dietary interventions may be more … Read more You are what you eat – aren’t you?

Algae – an unexpected protein source

Many people are looking for sources of protein to replace meat. The reasons vary from dietary and cultural preferences to ecological and animal welfare concerns. In addition, we face the challenge of feeding a global population and must come up with an effective solution. Today, we decided to take a look at a protein source … Read more Algae – an unexpected protein source

Why food waste is a global problem

“Food waste” refers to food appropriate for human consumption being discarded, whether or not after it is kept beyond its expiry date or left to spoil. 30 % to 35 % of global food resources are not consumed by mankind. This means, that resources worth over 1 trillion $ are thrown away, which indicates a … Read more Why food waste is a global problem

Does our future grow in labs?

Ranging from artificial sweeteners to plant-based milk goods, all traditional nutritional products can be replaced by different kinds of substitutes nowadays. The newest trend: artificially grown meat. Grown in labs and harvested when fully developed, this technique is highly complex, not clearly accepted by the broad mass and not fully developed yet. However, lab-grown meat … Read more Does our future grow in labs?

Insect Protein – beyond the „Ew“ factor

Seeking change and new tasting experiences brings our society from one hype to the other. Ranging from Italian food, over burgers, sushi, poke bowl or Vietnamese cuisine, food trend phenomena keep on changing on a regular basis. However, we have good news for those of you who keep on striving for thrilling their taste buds: … Read more Insect Protein – beyond the „Ew“ factor

What is Vertical Farming?

“Vertical Farming” is one of these terms you surely read from time to time, probably without exactly knowing what it really is. This is the reason why we decided to do some research and dive into this quite complex topic.   Vertical Farming or vertical agriculture facilitates viable agricultural production inside buildings, especially in the … Read more What is Vertical Farming?

Future of Food Workshop

Work together with experts from Day 1 and develop concepts that you will be able to apply to your specific business case. Connect with other workshop participants coming from various sectors within food industry. Don’t miss the chance to exchange knowledge and get valuable feedback on your ideas from the colleagues working across the entire … Read more Future of Food Workshop

Solving the challenge of feeding 9 Billion by 2050

World population is growing and by 2050 it will reach 9 billion. Do we have enough resources to feed everyone? How can we ensure that we satisfy this basic need without overwhelming the planet, taking into account that agriculture is among the greatest contributors to increasing climate crisis?

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Meatless Mondays

Ever heard about this trend originated in the US? The international campaign was initiated by the U.S. Food Administration during world war 1 and urged families to reduce consumption of key staples. It was restarted in 2003 as a public health awareness program. Meatless Mondays suggest avoiding meat for a day in order to improve your own health and have a positive impact on the planet.

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