Verena Kuen

Verena Kuen is the founder of gobeyond Innovation. After 15 years as an executive in big corporations she decided to make her passion her profession and initiated an Innovation Program with her last employer Bayer Pharma AG which was one-of-a-kind within the whole organization and produced an impressive track record of innovation success stories. Verena … Read more Verena Kuen

Ana-Maria Salcu

Ana-Maria Salcu is Customer Engagement Specialist at gobeyond Innovation. The born and raised Romanian has a background in socio-cultural anthropology and has worked in a variety of social organizations before joining the gobeyond team. Ana‚Äôs professional interest lies in the design of customer interactions across the innovation process in order to draw hands-on insights and … Read more Ana-Maria Salcu

Emanuel Kornherr

Emanuel Kornherr is our Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert. He manages all digital engagements throughout an innovation project. His educational background is in Business Administration, specialized in Digital Marketing, which helped him combine his analytical and creative skills. Before joining our team, he has realized a variety of digital marketing projects mainly in the … Read more Emanuel Kornherr

Kathleen Onieal

The former VP of Global Marketing Innovation at both Merck and Novartis, acts a s a senior advisor for gobeyond Innovation. She created the first Digital Marketing team that served as an industry model of organizational design and infrastructure and innovative best practices. At Johnson and Johnson she was the creator and lead of … Read more Kathleen Onieal

Lee Miller

Lee Miller supports the gobeyond team as a senior advisor. He is a Harvard Law graduate and an industry leader in the field of influencing and negotiating, focusing on influencing for innovation. As a trainer and executive coach, Lee is an expert partner for executives providing the necessary support for successful innovation. Lee serves a … Read more Lee Miller